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Tanja (leroythebest) 11.02.2010 um 18:05 | Eschborn

Hallo Franzi, ich kannte Dich nicht persönlich. Ich habe den Weg auf deine Seite über deine Mom gefunden. Ich bin einfach nur gerührt von dieser schönen Seite. Egal wo Du jetzt bist ich wünsche Dir Frieden und für deine Familie viel Kraft das Leben auch ohnen Dich Sonnenschein zu meistern.

J.L. 10.02.2010 um 23:35 |

About a year ago we were sitting here in my room. It was my birthday and you were so excited to give me my birthday present. And I was too. Remember you got me this little frog that turned into a prince charming after soaking it in water? I loved it, it was so cute. And then you got me this huge lollipop. I still have it here. You also brought a bottle of champagne. I remember like it happened yesterday. We were sitting on my bed and it seemed like you’ve never opened a bottle of champagne before. You spilled it everywhere =D my bed was drunk and you needed to change your pants cause they were just soaking wet. That was so Franzi-like. That was you. After having a couple of glasses we were in a pretty good mood, so we decided to take some pictures with the webcam. Those are my favorite pictures. I love em. We were eating chocolate and we were trying to stick them pieces on our noses. We were having a blast and I loved having you around me. Now I’m sitting here, all by myself, waiting for you to knock at my door with your brightest smile saying “hey my love what’s up! Happy birthday! “, but I know you wont. This will probably be the loneliest day of my life, since I don’t have you around. What’s a birthday worth if your best friend is missing out? What’s there to look forward to? How will I even going to be able to celebrate and party without you? -Not at all. I’ve been thinking about my future a lot lately. And it just made me really really sad. Cause I know you wont be a part of it anymore. I wanted you to go through the rough times in college with me, to go through heartache and fights, I wanted you to be my maid of honor and the godmother of my kids. I kinda almost planned my future with you by my side. But you went away. And everything changed. Now all I got are these photographs and the memories of the times we shared. And those memories are unforgettable and irreplaceable. You left footprints in my heart by sharing your love and being my unbiological sister. You were the one I could talk to whenever and wherever I wanted to. You were the one I could trust and depend on. And you were also the one who knew me best. There are so many situations in my life where I wish you would be there .But not only the lonely moments or the sad moments. No, but also the happy moments. Remember we wanted to have the time of our life on Malta. You were only planning on going there because of me. And I was so happy to hear that. I was looking forward to this trip so bad. And going there without you broke my heart. You were on my mind 24/7. Sometimes in my dreams as can see you so clearly, I can even hear your voice and feel your presence. And it feels so damn real that I wish I could just sleep forever so I won’t be without you anymore. These dreams give me hope though. And I realize that you are not really gone. You’re just in another place, a better one. A place where you can watch and look after all the people you love. And sooner or later I will be there too, so wait for me honey. Please wait for me even if it might take a while until I will be there. But at least you will be in my heart and on my mind as long as I’m breathing. I swear. I love you. I love you so much. And this love shows me that you will never be forgotten.

Mia ♥ 10.02.2010 um 22:44 |

Mir fehlen die Worte :'( ♥ Ich kann nur sagen, dass ich dich liebe!

:'( 10.02.2010 um 19:07 |

Mein kleiner Schatz :-* 8 Monate :( Und es kommt mir so vor, als wär erst gestern der schlimmste Tag in meinem Leben gewesen! Was würd ich dafür tun, wenn ich dich noch einmal sehen und in den Arm nehmen könnte! ♥ Eigentlich fehlen mir die Worte, um etwas zu sagen. Ich kann und will es einfach nicht wahrhaben! :'( Ich liebe dich sehr ♥

..... 245 TAGE..... 10.02.2010 um 10:38 |

245 Tage OHNE DICH 245 Tage TRAURIGKEIT 245 TAGE VERMISSEN 245 TAGE WEINEN 245 TAGE WARUM? Franzi es ist als wär es GESTERN gewesen, da ändern auch diese 245 Tage nichts daran, im GEGENTEIL, ich VERMISS dich immer MEHR! IN EWIGER LIEBE & TRAUER

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